Written Responses



  • Please answer all of the questions below in a single PDF document (10 MB max file size).
  • Please be sure to put your name and project title at the top of the PDF.
  • Please name your file "2018 FC Grant Application_[Last Name], [First Initial]." For example, Nicholas Cage would name his application "2018 FC Grant Application_Cage, N").


  • Education & Experience: Tell us about your filmmaking education and/or experience if applicable.
  • Work Sample(s): Please provide links to any previous work you would like us to consider. If you are applying with a project already in production or post-production, it is strongly encouraged that you include a link to a sample for our consideration. 
  • Cast & Crew: Please list any key cast or crew members currently attached and any relevant credits.
  • Strategy (250 words): Please tell us what your strategy is for getting this project made. Be specific. Are there any other secured or potential sources of funding? What is your current timeline for both production and post-production? Where do you see the film ending up?
  • Short Description (250 words): Please describe the project, focusing on the story, characters and themes.
  • Artistic Statement (250 words): What inspired this project and its story? Describe your stylistic approach and any meaningful creative influences.
  • Why This Grant (250 words): Briefly help us understand why a grant like this is critical to the realization and completion of your project.



Send us an email at filmgrant@fliescollective.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.